UI Copy Plugin for Adobe XD

The days of Lorem Ipsum are numbered

Your clients, and yourself, deserve а better copy.

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Available for Adobe XD
Figma ~ Dec 2021

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Designing an app or a website?
UI Copy will help you come up with finer words for your layout‘s content.

We analysed thousands of conversion-oriented websites and used our wordsmithing intelligence to build a repository of words and phrases that you can apply to your marketing copy.

The plugin is not a dummy generator to fill in the gaps, but to help you with copy that converts, and perhaps even makes you smile.

UI Copy

UI Copy is not yet another AI tool

We used real humans to harvest words and phrases from real projects and our real brains, distilled them with 1001 rose petals, and added 3 drops of blood from a virgin unicorn. No AI tool can do that. And no unicorns were killed during the process.

Words that convert and make you smile

We‘ve analyzed hundreds of websites and used our years of experience to think up words and phrases that convert and are engaging to read.

Engaging words
Brand voice

Copy to fit your brand voice

Want to sound like a soulless corporate lawyer? Or perhaps your design asks for a more casual and witty voice and tone. We have you covered.

Smart variables for smarter copy

No promises on how smart they‘ll be, but they‘ll certainly remove your writer‘s block.

Smart variables


1 device



5 devices



Unlimited devices


Discounts happen. Rarely, but with a good reason. Patient to wait?