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UI Copy Plugin for Adobe XD

You focus on design We focus on words

Mighty plugin to save you time and help you pick the right words as you design your layout. Just like having a copywriter beside you.

Adobe XD Figma

Available for Adobe XD
Coming soon for Figma

Buy for $16$8/Year 50% off for first 50 customers
UI Copy Demo

Did you know that layout design is 95% content?

No wonder we designers struggle to fill in the blanks with meaningful words and phrases. And there is a lot to fill in. But what if you could use a little sorcery with the help of our UI Copy plugin and sprinkle your design with meaningful copy?

Words that convert and make you smile

We‘ve analyzed hundreds of websites and used our years of experience to think up words and phrases that convert and are engaging to read.

Engaging words
Brand voice

Copy to fit your brand voice

Want to sound like a soulless corporate lawyer? Or perhaps your design asks for a more casual and witty voice and tone. We have you covered.

Smart variables for smarter copy

No promises on how smart they‘ll be, but they‘ll certainly remove your writer‘s block.

Smart variables

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