UI Copy Plugin for Adobe XD & Figma

How it works

This tutorial includes screenshots from the plugin for Adobe XD and it's the same flow for the plugin for Figma. Just follow these steps:

1. After installing the plugin from the marketplace you will be asked to enter a license key and activate the plugin.

2. Clicking the purchase license key button from the plugin will open the payment form on UI Copy's website, from where you can buy a license key.

3. After the payment, you will get the license key that you can use to activate the plugin. Don't forget to leave us a rating :)

4. Copy the license key, get back to Adobe XD or Figma, paste in the input field, and click on "Activate UI Copy".

5. You will immediately see random copy examples. Enter a keyword to find what you need for your current project.

6. Click on any of the examples to copy the example to the clipboard or select a text object in your project and the example copy will be inserted.

Bonus: Enter custom values for the company, problem, solution, and feature placeholders, and they will be replaced in the copy examples.

That's it! If you are convinced, get your license key. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.